CyBit is reinventing entrepreneurship
with a secure, blockchain-based crowdfunding platform
for startups and investors to solve
the most critical world problems with
the best and most diverse ideas possible.



We accept available ICO supply: 7,000,000,000


Welcome to the future of better crowdfunding.
And the future of a better world.

What’s in it for startups?

You can be a startup, an solo innovator, an NGO orestablished company. You’ll have the chance to solve critical world problems on a global scale. Or on a local neighborhood scale. You’ll get matched with committed investors in our platform who will enthusiastically supportor idea. World class business, marketing, financial and technical support is available throughout the process. All on our secure blockchain platform.

What’s in it for investors?

You’ll discover startups who are here to solve the problemsyou care about. Business, technical, social ideas, all the ideasthat match your values in a tightly secure, transparent platform.You vote for the best ideas with your CyBit tokens and best of all, your investment value stays yours when those winning ideas go to market after they’ve left the CyBit nest.All on our secure blockchain platform.

Why are we blockchain based?

We’re blockchain based for the power, efficiency, accuracy,security and reduced cost. We’re on blockchain because of its decentralized essence. Crowdfunding on a blockchain platform is a key manifestation of how the power of the crowd can be harnessed for the good of business and the world.

A custom startup environment

Unlike typical crowdfunding platforms, CyBit’s platform won’t shacklea startup to boilerplate templates. Instead, it encourages startups to create custom, unique marketing and promotional content that truly matches their mission. We also offer world-class business and marketing support along the way. So you succeed by being and showing up exactly as who you are.

Smart Contracts

From our own CyBit Tokens, to the entire startup and investorplatform experience, the CyBit platform is secured using smart contracts. Smart contracts to protect the rights of each stakeholder. Each startup, each investor. As it should be.

Why the ERC223 platform?

ERC223 eliminates the problem of lost tokens which canhappen during the transfer of ERC20 tokens to a contract. ERC223 allows users to send their tokens to a wallet or a contract with the same function transfer, thereby eliminating the potential for confusion and lost tokens.t allows developers to handle incoming token transactions, and reject non-supported tokens (not possible with ERC20). Pus, the transfer of ERC223 tokens to a contract is a one-step process rather than two-step process (for ERC20), and this means less gas and no extra blockchain bloating.elike that. You will, too..

We keep one eye on security – sometimes two.

CyBit provides world-class security in two ways.First, blockchain provides foundational accuracy and security to our business. CyBit’s is built on the latest ERC223 platform.econd, our own platform is constantly being upgraded for the mst secure experience to protect our investor and startup user information, transactions, and experience.hre is no such thing as a totally secure site, platform app or account. But that doesn’t stop us. We keep an eye on the latest world-class security technology and tools. We watch the criminal hackers and thiefs who are eager to plunder the crypto-crowdfunding world. We do this for security and peace of mind – yours and ours.

The CyBit platform: Two Phases for a better world.

CyBit takes a unique, two-phase approach to our crowdfunding platform and process.

Phase One is where we invite everyone and anyone in the world to submit a solution to the CyBit “problem of the moment”. And it's the crowdfunders who decide which startup solution is the best, by investing iCBTs in the one/s they like the most.These investments remain theirs when the solutions go to market and leave the CyBit nest. We close Phase One with the winning idea/s. And bring in our next "problem of the moment".

Phase Two is where we invite the large outside investors. Using iCBT, they can gain influence and early access to the most promising solutions.On top of that, once they have decided which solution/s to invest in, they get their investment imprinted in a smart contract where their stake is safely held on the blockchain. Ideas then go to market, with support offered by the best global marketing and business service providers.

The benefit of this two-phase platform is a more custom, intimate startup/investor relationship, and maximized social enthusiasm around our focused "problem of the moment" bringing increased market success.

This is not a get-rich quick ICO scheme or crypto fishing expedition.
This is decentralized ownership of world-changing solutions on a secure, 21st Century blockchain platform.

CyBit token distribution and allocation

Note: Pre-ICO ends sooner, if the total value of purchase orders of CBT reaches the cap to 50 million USD.




CyBit Executive Leadership

We have attracted and assembled a powerful team of passionate professionals who are recognized experts in technology,security, engineering, business and brand strategy, corporate culture, social media and entrepreneurship.Get to know our Executive Team.

B. Lee Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Naquib Hatami

Chief Technology Officer

Paul MacFarlane

Chief Marketing Officer

Garima Singh

Chief Strategy Officer

Jonas Bergvall

Chief Culture Officer

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