The security and flexibility of Ethereum ERC-223

Crowdfunding has become the most influential buzzword in the financial world today. It is primarily because of its ability to turn small investments into profitable returns of some noteworthy magnitude. In this dynamic and ever-evolving fintech world, there is no bad investor, but just bad platforms. CyBit, for once has busted all myths, misconceptions and the propelling insecurities of the investors that viciously revolves around the crowdfunding in particular and the cryptocurrencies in general.

The above statements are backed with sheer proof and immense security reflected through the highly trusted Cybit Crypto Platform. The Ethereum ERC-223 protocol is the soul of this platform which serves all investors through this podium with its highly enhanced security features. Consistency in handling all the incoming tokens is par excellence which at the same time enable us to ideally maximize the flexibility of the protocol. Not only this, but the protocol restricts the pairing of the tokens with the incompatible smart contracts. So, losing any big or small amount of redeemable tokens is absolutely out of question with the highly secure Ethereum ERC-223 protocol.

The Ethereum ERC-223 standard is highly flexible, versatile, secure and backward compatible with the prior version of the ERC20. Gone are the days when you were supposed to pay twice the gas fees; once for the transaction approval and the second time for getting the funds into your account. The ERC-223 takes the ideal lean approach by simplifying the transaction and benefitting you with one transactional fee to be paid only.

Factually, it is simply a single function transfer in sending of the token anywhere you want. You absolutely don’t need to worry about the existence of a contract at the receiver’s end in completing your transaction. Thus, simplifying the agenda with maximum security and productivity is the unique selling point of the ERC-223 protocol.

B. Lee Jones
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Blockchain Fintech Product
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