The team effort behind securing our Cybit platform

Crowdfunding in no time has become a go-to funding option for a large number of startups today. It is just the matter of having a solid business idea and then the power of CyBit platform would ensure that poetic justice has been done to it. For the crowdfunding platform like CyBit, the website is actually the main face of the business and keeping in mind the online fraudulent activities and scams, investors do have concerns regarding the security and protection of their investment of any magnitude.

The vision of our CEO, founder and the advisory board is trickled down the hierarchy of our organizational structure, where our competent team of software developers converts them into contemporary solutions which are hard to beat or break. Smart Contracts and the Blockchain infrastructure security goes hand-in-hand and demands the utmost care in developing, operating and maintaining it in the urge of attaining the goals and objectives of the business. Our developers helped the platform to go the extra mile with the introduction of ERC-22 protocol which in comparison to its prior version (ERC-20) is much more secure and versatile.

On top of that, our professionals have fueled the security engine of the platform with highly secure payment system which maximizes the perks of the Escrow mechanism along with the unbreakable due verification for any transaction to take place. In multiple tests conducted in-house and by third parties, the system proved impossible to break into.

Thanks to our team for their untiring efforts and taking security as the top and most challenging aspect of the services that we offer. We at CyBit platform, promises to work hard in not only meeting, but exceeding your expectations, whether it is related to the system security or your overall business experience.

Naquib Hatami
Blockchain Fintech Product
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