B.Lee Jones

Chief Executive Officer

An entrepreneur with a keen interest in technology. He is leading the CyBit team towards creating an ecosystem around reliable blockchain crowdfunding. B. Lee Jones is a recipient of the CIO 100 Award, and has been empowering companies from startup level to fortune 100.

Naquib Hatami

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

A seasoned technology executive with upwards of 20 years of executive experience in technology, Naquib has worked with and supported prestigious projects such as High Performance Computing Modernization Program (HPCMO)/Defense Research and Engineering Network (DREN). Over the past 25 years, his expertise led to the start of successful businesses such as Cipher Communications, Ciyasoft Corporation and Motion Matters, Inc. He has been awarded two (2) patents from USPTO and has eight (8) pending patents in the areas of Social Networking, Dynamic Distance Calculation, Advertisement, Mobile Safety and Networking. Naquib aims to bring a new perception towards blockchain, one that involves trust, safety and accessibility.

Paul Macfarlane

Chief Marketing Officer

An experienced Global Brand Strategist. He’s the guy you call when you want super-fast, deep, meaningful human solutions and ideas to move your brand and business to growth and total financial/ethical/social/cultural success. He has worked and created impact for many global brands including but not limited to Audi, Apple, Anheuser-Busch, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Puma.

Jonas Bergvall

Chief Culture Officer

As a Chief Culture Officer at Cybit Jonas Bergvall brings a master level of understanding, developing and refining internal core values, beliefs and company behaviour. With 25 years of experience from communication and brand development internationally he brings an understanding of market context, will influence market positioning and creatively address excellent user experience. With deep involvement in the crypto space Jonas also brings insights and network valuable to CyBit. The CCO's key function is to keep a hand on the pulse of the internal vibe, while through business intelligence look for key aspects of the market place to pursue as opportunities and build a customer-centered culture that resonates throughout the company and community.

Kathleen Wolf

Chief Financial Officer

CFO enjoys using analytics and creativity to help foster alliances and transform the way organisations work. Kathleen finds joy in enabling negotiations of consortiums, Joint Ventures, Strategic Alliances, partnerships and mergers and acquisitions in emerging markets. She has been quoted for numerous business articles, including cover stories in the Wall Street Journal, Strategic Finance and CFO Magazine. In addition to her incredible knowledge in finance, Katy has unique insight and awareness of the geopolitical, cultural and business acumen essentials for global businesses.

Garima Singh

Chief Strategy Officer

CSO is our strategy person. She combines her technology experience and business acumen to drive strategies for CyBit. She is a also Co-founder of two technology organizations, Niza Global Solutions and Viraj Consultancy Services. She finds meaning in creating strategies to disrupt the current blockchain market and creating stability for organisations.

Guney Demirci

VP Of Operation

Entrepreneur Guney Demirci ventured into many diverse businesses. Guney’s entrepreneurial projects started in the hospitality industry and expanded into other sectors. Prior to joining CyBit, Guney owned a consulting company and oversaw a diverse project portfolio. Guney enjoys working with communities to enable them in realising their operational potentials. “Founded a management and consulting company called South Hospitality Management”

Babak Rafat

Manager Of Social Media

Bobak is passionate about innovative communication strategies and marketing,. He has created and managed successful online strategies and campaigns. Additionally, He is proactive and his background in optimizing the biggest social media platforms well as international counterparts makes him a valuable resource at CyBit.

Jyoti Gujral

Lead Content Developer

Jyoti is also a research analyst with 10 years of technology experience. She has mastered writing whitepapers, articles, blogs, news & press releases, and user manuals. She is a blockchain enthusiast has an intense curiosity for various cryptocurrencies. Along the way, she has learn about blockchain applications in Education, Real estate, Childcare, Healthcare and Insurance.

Anshu Rawal

Consultant Business Analyst

Anshul our Consultant Business Analyst, holds an experience upwards of 10 years and specializes in Business Process Building and Reengineering, Project Management and business analysis. He is an exceptional planner, and uses his analytical skills to implement strategies that will be a great benefit to CyBit.

Anne Parker

Director Of Communications

Anne Parker , our Director of Communications, has served as a business consultant and proposal manager for numerous defense contracting companies. Anne’s interests chart into building cultural bridges. She has served in communications/public relations, global logistics sales and operation, and interior landscaping sales and is delighted to work alongside CyBit

Jessica Cottrell

Director Of Client Services

Jessica Cottrell, our Director of Client Services, served in the U.S. Air Force for nine years as a logistics specialist and has lived in Turkey, Japan and Germany during her service. She is an effective time manager and her background includes recruiting translators, negotiating service provider rates, and overseeing Translation Memory for multiple large, global organizations. Jessica enjoys exploring languages and is versed in identifying translating applications.

Michel Youssef


Michel is an Entrepreneurship enthusiast who transforms ideas into businesses and specializes in mentoring. He has provided flexible global development resources for numerous international companies. Michel assisted Marion Oil Corporation in the acquisition and initiation of petroleum products for U.S. production in Nigeria and Gabon. He was also successful in aiding Chrysler's business expansion by securing them legal permission to distribute products in Syria, Lebanon, Qatar, and Yemen.

Emile B. Maalouf


Emile B. Maaloue is a pioneer in transforming the centralized economies to market economies in the Russian Federation. Emile was instrumental in engaging large investment banks and initiating the first successful $1.2-Billion Eurobond for the gas giant Gazprom. His group also provided personal consulting to Rosneft. His drove the team to assist Rosneft in certain restructuring and international funding regulations.

Hadi Rakin


Hadi Rakin is a technology visionary who is multilingual with cross-cultural experience. Hadi co-founding the Society of Afghan Engineers and manages high profile projects in the U.S. and abroad. Hadi works with diverse groups of multidisciplinary professionals and community leaders to complete critical projects with local and global impact.

Charles Lickson

Special Adviser

Charles Lickson carries 25 years of experience as a practicing attorney, and later, assisted various reputable organisations. Charles has resolved upwards of 500 disputes in many locations in the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia. Charles’s career also included a trial, business and international law practice. Charles received his Juris Doctor from Georgetown University Law Center and ranked in the Third in the class. Charles also holds a Ph.D. in Religious Counselling from American College of Metaphysical Theology. Needless to say, Charles enjoys looking over legalities for various reputable organisations under blockchain.

Vadim Ivanenko

Marketing Adviser

Vadeem Ivanenko is a serial entrepreneur, blockchain evangelist and a crypto investor. Vadim has a variety of projects and success under his belt, including being the Founder and CEO of Luft and CBD Partner at CryptoB2B. Vadeem is instrumental in building and investing in blockchain and crypto related startups, operating with 1B+ market size and high level scalability.

Paolo Hussain

System Architect Adviser

Pinak Hussain has a proven track record in design, engineering, implementation and pre/post-sale support of large-scale networks. Pinak’s tool kit includes understanding of Cloud, Data Center, Network Security, Routing Switching technologies. He also has expertise in design, delivery and support of advanced information technologies. His experience includes delivering Large Scale Network Design, including: IP Routing, Data Center, IP Multicast deployment, MPLS Deployment, and QoS Architectures. Always up for new challenges, Pinak is a valued member of the advisory board.

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